Sunday, May 17, 2009

Three at Fours

We've got three at fours.

I think "fours" means they've divided four times. We learned what it meant last week in the IVF info session, and saw pictures, but I can't remember clearly.

Implantation might be tomorrow (Monday). We're going to go in and discuss it in the morning. If we put all three in to give us a better chance, there's a chance we'd get triplets... or more. But if we don't put them in there's a chance they won't survive for an implantation Tuesday or Wednesday. There are a number of factors to consider... it's weird... our goal is to have one healthy child, but the best way to reach that goal might be to accept a real risk of having two or three.

Well, that's one of the reasons we stayed in the same city as our families, right? You up for multiples potential grandparents?

========= FLASHBACK ========================
Last Saturday afternoon (May 9th) we get the call with the results from the AART team's discussion of that morning's blood test and ultrasound. (It's Sherri (Cheri?)... she's the one the staff say is a little crazy... but you know, the fun crazy.) Sherri says things are progressing well and it's a possibility that retrieval might be that Wednesday. After the phone call, Red is in the middle of explaining to me what she said when the phone rings again. She picks it up, says hello, and the response is this:

"Hi again... have I talked to you about your husband's ejaculation?"

Best...Conversation-Opener...Ever! And as a bonus, I have to - HAVE TO - ejaculate Sunday night... well, if I have to...

So... please keep the good thoughts coming our way... your prayers, positive energy, good wishes and crossed fingers (especially the arthritic ones) are appreciated.

3 * 7 is 21.... her street number and mine growing up. Also the date of our anniversary. (Four years this Thursday.) It's probably meaningless, but we'll take any good omens we can find...


  1. (Firsties)

    The digit sum of the year of your marriage is also 7.

    The 21 of May is the 141st day of the year, which obviously isn't divisible by 7, but it is only one extra past such a point - appropriate considering your current endeavour.

    Numerology is awesome! So pliable.

  2. Plus, Travis's comment time: May (5th month) plus 18, plus 2 and 9 for the year, plus 1 and 17 for the time gives you 52 - five and two are seven.

    Also, both your full first names have seven letters.


    Speaking of numbers, could the "fours" mean they've divided twice and therefore have four cells? (I've no idea, but as long as we're discussing math, I figure I'd throw it out there).