Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are potentially a little bit pregnant...

... and we're trying to contain our excitement until we know for sure.

Red went in for her blood test this morning. I worked from home today, and we just waited and waited... AART was supposed to call around noon. By 12:30 we were getting very antsy. Why hadn't they called? Red thought maybe with bad news they procrastinate on the phone calls. Maybe the results are hard to read, or inconclusive.

So at 2:30 pm Red called AART. Red was in the papazan and I was lying on the bed. Stephanie passed us off to Brenda (who we both wish could be our nurse forever) and I watched Red's face. She had her steady phone voice going ("OK, OK, mm-hmm, mm-hmm"), so it was hard to tell at first, and the conversation just kept going on. She started to tear up - was it bad? Good? Finally, Red started smiling and nodding at me, tears coming quickly.

I'll be able to remember that minute exactly for the rest of my life.

We'd been so careful not to get our hopes up (and frankly by today we were pessimistic) that we were surprised at the results. Red had taken a pregnancy test a couple of days ago, but without any instructions, so we had no idea how to read the result, or even if she'd done the test properly. We guessed at what the result meant and expected the worst. But now...

Well, now we have to get another blood test. Red's HCG level was lower than they'd like it to be, so she's going in next Wednesday to make sure that it's still climbing. But Brenda was confident enough to let herself sound happy and to say that for the time being at least, we were pregnant.

Even if the next test comes back good, we still have to get through the critical first trimester. Fertilization was May 15 so by August 15 we should be able to be full on with the yays and huzzahs.

Believe me, we want to get crazy excited, but we're well aware of all the stuff that can go wrong. So please keep bearing with us as we try to work through the next week and then the next two months. We're honestly not trying to take the fun out of it, we're just trying to be realistic.

But for now, we're letting ourselves feel cautiously happy.

Keep sending that good energy our way... it's working so far...


  1. I peed on a stick today (the proper forum phrasing is POAS) -- it was so nice to finally pass a test, after failing so many of them!

  2. Tears gone and I am cautiously hopeful for you guys and will be for the next three months. And then, the knitting of booties will begin. Be afraid.